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W. Minc Productions Catalogue - Page 1

WMINCD001 - Mark C. Halstead - Before And After Love - $20.00

before and after love

Our very first release in 1994 came from Mark C Halstead. Mark C who?? Bruce Elder, in the Sydney Morning Herald, described Mark as “the greatest Australian country singer - bar none.” And he is.
This collection stands up as strong as ever in 2004. At the time of release we had trouble convincing people outside the country scene that this was worth a listen. Country was not cool. And now everyone wants a banjo or a pedal steel on their record. There's no banjo on this one but there is a pedal steel, played by Evil Graham Lee, who produced it. The record also features some of the cream of Melbourne's musicians.
It's a genuine undiscovered classic.

WMINCD004 - Lisa Miller - Quiet Girl With A Credit Card - $25.00

quiet girl with a credit card

Lisa Miller has recently been nominated for multiple ARIA awards for her Car Tapes album. This is her first solo album from 1996. Featuring Lisa's pristine voice and wonderful original songs and some of Melbourne's finest musicians it's a magnificent record. Critically acclaimed at the time Quiet Girl... sounds as fresh as ever today and stands as a pioneer of a rich vein currently being mined by Kasey Chambers and Lisa herself.

WMINCD006 - Various Artists - Where Joy Kills Sorrow - $25.00

where joy kills sorrow

Where Joy Kills Sorrow has achieved a kind of legendary status over the years judging from the number of times we've been asked when Vol 2 is coming out.
It features Australian rock singers - famous, infamous and unknown, singing country songs of the finest order (if a little obscure). Tex (Greg) Perkins, Mick Harvey, Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer, Dave Graney and Clare Moore, Matt Walker, Robert Forster, Joel Silbersher, David McComb, Vika and Linda Bull, Uncle Bill, Warren Ellis and his father John - they all turn in amazing performances. It's one of those CDs that has a life of its own and has been selling steadily since its release in 1997 largely through word of mouth. A slice of history as well as a great CD. If you want to hear Warren Ellis from the Dirty Three sing (!!) get this record.

WMINCD008 - David Chesworth Ensemble - Badlands - $25.00


David Chesworth is recognised the world over as a unique composer, combining modern classical references with electronic sounds and the unusual instrumentation of tuned and untuned percussion, violin, cello, electric bass, piano and trombone in his superbly skilled ensemble. This is the ensemble's first release on W. Minc Productions and it comes with a bonus disc of remixes by David and Robert Goodge.
It's extremely accessible, atmospheric, cinematic and addictive.

WMINCD015 - Matt Walker with Ashley Davies - Soul Witness - $25.00

soul witness

This is Matt Walker's second CD with drummer Ashley Davies and this time the duo were joined by like minded musicians in Ken Gormley of The Cruel Sea and Chris Abrahams of The Necks.
The result is a triumph of originality and improvisation that will probably never be repeated. Matt was just hitting his straps as a writer and, while the sound was very different for him, it has a cohesion that only gets better with time. For something that beats a brave path subsequently followed by John Butler, Xavier Rudd etc (and beats it better better in our humble opinion), get this record.


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