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Articles about upcoming releases, current releases, interviews with musicians, anything at all we think you might find of interest, will appear on these pages.

The Moodists - They're back and they're mighty convincing

It's been a long time coming but the Moodists revival seems to be gathering momentum. Their recent show at the Tote featuring the line-up of Dave Graney, Steve Miller, Clare Moore, Chris Walsh and Mick Turner got such a great reaction many wonder why they don't do it more often....more››

Ross McLennan - Melbourne's own renaissance man

Ross McLennan is a man of many talents - furniture maker, dog lover, recording engineer, bassist, keyboard player, illustrator, producer, guitarist, teacher's aide, comedian, drummer, singer, songwriter, arranger, very decent human being....more››

The Evolution Of A Logo

The W. Minc logo was conceived in 1994 - Dave Walsh and Steve Miller had, in a fit of idealism, decided to release records on their own label, W. Minc Productions......more››

Melbourne Water - due 2nd August

We're quite lucky in Melbourne - plenty of venues, noise regulations getting sorted out, less terrible weather than you'd imagine and some of the most uncompromising musicians....more››

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