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Features 2

The Evolution Of A Logo - page one

The W. Minc logo was conceived in 1994 - Dave Walsh and Steve Miller had, in a fit of idealism, decided to release records on their own label, W. Minc Productions. They needed a logo and enlisted the help of Toby and Steven at Artifishal Studios to put their shonky sketches into some kind of glossy corporate order. They had decided on the Catalina as a worthy symbol of rarity and quality in the face of adversity. They'd heard there was only one still flying and it seemed fitting somehow. They were still tossing around mottos and were leaning towards W. Minc Against The World.

At some stage a suspicion sneaked in that the motto may be a tad on the dramatic side and Quality For The World began to appear in their scribbles, albeit way off to the side.

The quality motto took the upper hand and a more streamlined, winged container was sketched for the logo.

Toby and Steven (mostly Steven I think) took this last sketch and turned it into this nicely corporate creation.

Nearly there - it was finally decided that Quality To The World had a better ring to it and the logo was ready for placement on the very first release, Mark C Halstead's Before And After Love.

But that's not the end of the story.




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