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Sorry .... the W. Minc Productions Shopping cart will be offline until the middle of February, 2011. Contact us via email for assistance.
Before And After Love Mark C Halstead WMINCD001 $20
Quiet Girl With A Credit Card Lisa Miller WMINCD004 $25
Where Joy Kills Sorrow Various Artists WMINCD006 $25
Badlands David Chesworth Ens WMINCD008 $25
Soul Witness Matt Walker WMINCD015 $25
Spiritual Bum Stephen Cummings WMINCD016 $25
69 Love Songs The Magnetic Fields WMINCD019 $39
Story Of Us Charlie Marshall WMINCD020 $25
Skeleton Key Stephen Cummings WMINCD021 $25
Managing Good Looks Snout WMINCD022 $25
Exotica Suite David Chesworth Ens WMINCD023 $25
Two Fisted Art The Moodists WMINCD027 $29
A Prayer For Soft Honey Warmer WMINCD026 $25
Firecracker Stephen Cummings WMINCD028 $29
Considering... New Estate WMINCD030 $25
Hits From The Brittle Building Ross McLennan WMINCD031 $29
Melbourne Water Various Artists WMINCD032 $25
Risky Business David Chesworth NS531 $25
Sonic Investigations (of the trivial) Essendon Airport CH43 $25
Laquiem Andreé Greenwell AG001 $25
50 Synthesizer Greats David Chesworth WMINCD033 $30
Music To See Through David Chesworth Ens WMINCD034 $30
Melbourne Water 2 Various Artists WMINCD035 $25

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