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W. Minc Productions Catalogue - Page 2

WMINCD016 - Stephen Cummings - Spiritual Bum - $25.00

spiritual bum

A household name in his home country, Stephen Cummings has released thirteen solo CDs since very nearly hitting the big time internationally with The Sports. This is his first with W. Minc Productions and it's an understated masterpiece. Stephen writes in a style that's at once personal, earthy, erudite and literary. He's easily one of the best singers this country has ever produced. On top of all this Stephen is a restless soul who keeps himself from getting bored by turning out some truly fine records with scant regard for trends or demographics. He is one of the very few of his peers still turning out records that match his very best. If you've never heard him this is as good a place as any to get acquainted.

WMINCD019 - The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs - $39.00

69 love songs

New York's Magnetic Fields, led by the inimitable Stephin Merritt, have been making records for over ten years, achieving cult status in the process. Until 69 Love Songs that is. This sprawling work of genius made even the dimmest bulbs glow brightly with the realisation that a talent of a major order was at work.
Spread over three CDs 69 Love Songs is just that - 69 songs covering every aspect of love utilising almost every musical genre, six vocalists including the author and a range of instruments largely unheard of in popular music.
Musn't prattle on too much but...69 Love Songs has to be heard to be believed.

WMINCD020 - Charlie Marshall - Story Of Us - $25.00

story of us

Charlie Marshall is one of Australia's finest songwriters, a great singer and a lovely guy to boot. This CD has been sneaking up on people and causing them to go weak at the knees for three years now. It's a largely tender look at love, loss, friendship, passion, heartache and all the rest. Many have reported that the songs sound like they were written specifically for them.
Let Charlie's music into your home soon and see what they meant.

WMINCD021 - Stephen Cummings - Skeleton Key - $25.00

skeleton key

Stephen Cumming's second CD for W. Minc, and it's no surprise that it's another immaculate package - great songs, evocative packaging, fine singing and playing. If Stephen's ever put a foot wrong we're yet to see firm evidence of it.
Skeleton Key is a journey through adult life as it is lived from the point of view of one who knows what he's talking about. Features some beautiful ensemble playing. A kind of louder and larger sibling to Spiritual Bum, if you will.

WMINCD022 - Snout - Managing Good Looks - $25.00

managing good looks

This record is an absolute cracker. Snout's last release it cooks from the word go. Great song after great song surges out of your speakers. Horns, thumping drums, fiery guitars, pop hooks, electronic scratches, crackles and surges, Beatles harmonies, insane melodies, incisive, shocking, hilarious lyrics.
If you've never heard Snout and you're even the least bit interested in pop music or if you do know them and you have shamefully neglected this record buy it now. That's an order. You'll thank me.

WMINCD023 - David Chesworth Ensemble - Exotica Suite - $25.00


Another fine release from the David Chesworth Ensemble. Exotica Suite - recorded before the recent interest in, ahem, exotica - is a stunning collection of instrumental pieces featuring the usual tuned percussion, keyboards, untuned percussion, cello, violin, trombone and funny noises combination David is renowned for. Some of these were recently performed to a Nick Cave audience who liked them just fine.


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