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W. Minc Productions Catalogue - Page 3

WMINCD026 - Warmer - A Prayer For Soft Honey - $25.00

a prayer for soft honey

Warmer, a Sydney band led by John Encarnacao presented us with a gentle masterpiece in A Prayer For Soft Honey. John is an ex-music writer but don't hold that against him. A Prayer... is an outstanding CD jam packed with John's fine songs and some great ensemble playing. John's also a guitar player of taste and distinction, grit and fire. The CD also features the talents of Zoe Carides and Mandy Pearson.

WMINCD027 - The Moodists - Two Fisted Art - $29.00

two fisted art

The Moodists were one of the great bands of the '80s. A monstrous bass courtesy of Chris Walsh, the dangerously loud drumming of Clare Moore, futuristic and original guitar scratchings from Steve Miller and Mick Turner and the wickedly whacked out vocals and lyrics of Dave Graney, future king of pop and now just plain king make up a listening experience like no other. This two disc set is the only collection of the music of the Moodists that exists on CD music that has stood the test of time.

Gnarly spawn of Australia's early 1980s post-punk scene, the Moodists were doomed to walk in the inky shadow of Melbourne neighbours the Birthday Party. But this two CD set of live and studio work from '80 to '86 celebrates the Moodists' underrated devilry: the clanging sword-fight guitarsand pump-action thrust of "Six Dead Birds" and "Some Kinda Jones" ; the diabolical yelp of singer Dave Graney, swathed in empty-swimming-pool echo. Two hours of rattling black magic, Two Fisted Art comes none too late.

-David Fricke in US Rolling Stone May 2004

WMINCD028 - Stephen Cummings - Firecracker - $29.00


Stephen Cummings spends a year or so listening to the likes of Ricky Nelson, Howling Wolf and Carl Perkins and decides to have some fun with a style of music dear to his heart. The result is a feast of great songs, inspired rock singing and blistering guitars. It's not a rockabilly record as such but it has the spirit of that music at its heart. Two drummers thump out the beat and guitarists include, Shane O'Mara, Ross Hannaford of Daddy Cool and Chris Cheney of The Living End.
A triumph.

WMINCD029 - The Bites -White Lines And Runways - $25.00

white lines and runways

At the time of making this The Bites featured three guitars and drums - no bass thank you. Now they're just two guitars and drums - still no bass thank you. But what a sound. What songs. The Bites embody everything that's great about pop'n'roll music. Led by Kirsty Stegwazi they sing songs with hooks, wit, intelligence and belligerence. And they rock. Many people have downloaded the mp3s from this site. It's time to put your hands in your pockets and buy the damn CD. You won't regret it.

WMINCD030 - New Estate - Considering... - $25.00


New Estate are the brave front line of Melbourne rock/pop music. Three vocalists, three songwriters, a singing drummer who's never heard of the Eagles and a sound like no other. Mia Schoen, Larry G and Marc Regueiro-McKelvie are the real deal and their debut CD demonstrates this with consumate ease. Fine packaging too - Mia's oil painting of Caroline Springs graces the cover - but it's the wickedly different music that's contained within that makes this essential for anyone with an interest in modern (and not so modern) music.

If you came here from the New Estate site and want to go back there or if you've not visited it and would like to there's a link in the left navigation.

WMINCD031 - Ross McLennan - Hits From The Brittle Building - $29.00

hits from the brittle building

Ohmigod! This is a breath-taking accomplishment from the ex-leader of Snout, Ross McLennan. Ross takes the very best of rock and pop music of the past fifty years, puts it in a blender in his home studio, mixes it around, adds a touch of this and that, and comes up with an out and out masterpiece that's truly world class. When I say people will be listening to, nay studying this album twenty years from now, check it out yourself before you declare me barking mad.

It's that good. That's all I'm gonna say.

If you've come from the Ross McLennan site and want to get back there or haven't been there and would like to, there's a link in the left navigation.


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