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Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water Vol 2




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W. Minc Productions Audio - Page 4

WMINCD032 - Various - Melbourne Water


mp3 samples

Faux Park (Panel Of Judges)

Adelaide (The Bites)

Sleepy (Minimum Chips)

Love Bite (New Estate)

Ex-communication (Love Of Diagrams)

I'm Clean (The New Season)

Night In Sunshine (Dave Graney)

Dawn Of Creation (Pip Proud Group)

St Anne's Wells Gardens (Pink Stainless Tail)

We've Got TV (On)

Arrant Eyed Crazy Men (L.C.D.C.I.)

Lot's Hiss (Clinton Green and Scott Sinclair)

Down By Time (Flywheel)

Optimistic Freakout (The Cannanes)

Through The Trees (Royalchord)

After The Scales Have Fallen (The Chris Chapple Method)

Witness Protection Plan (Deep Country)

Saturday Night (Breaking The Law)

The Spine Of Rocks rising above the Sadag's Soil (The Hi God People)

I Wanna Be Your Dog (Shower Scene From Psycho)

The Actor (James Earthenware)

Euros Like A Gangster (Driving Past)

Night Of The Summer Thunderstorm (Julian Williams)

Last Wish (Wagons)



Stocks available now!!!

NS531 - David Chesworth - Risky Business


mp3 samples



Big Creature

CH43 - Essendon Airport - Sonic Investigations (of the trivial)

mp3 samples

Three Against Four


Talking To Cleopatra

AG001 - Andreé Greenwell - Laquiem

mp3 samples

everywherething I touchwalk


I am a full cup

WMINCD033 - David Chesworth - 50 Synthesizer Greats

mp3 samples

Malignant Humour


Forbin Project

WMINCD034 - David Chesworth - Music To See Through

mp3 samples


Dark Light

Perpetual Presence



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